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    Looking for Oral only cycle advice

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a oral only steroid cycle. I have done 2 cycles of LGD at this point. I want to do a oral only steroid cycle now. I have been looking at TBol, Anavar, Primo like individually not like all stacked together. I have read in some places that oral only cycles are usually...
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    Opinions on MENT (Trestolone)?

    Hey guys, Thinking of trying MENT when all this Corona fucking bullshit is gone. Cutting down now to see how lean I can get in the meantime haha! I LOVE Dbol and Anadrol, so chances are I like MENT as well. But I wanted to ask who has done MENT (preferably oral, so I can add it next to my...
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    My first cycle

    Sir i am training for 1.5 yrs and now i want to start cycle for advance gains. Pls tell oral cycle which is perfect for first time.
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    Bloodwork and gear

    Just a quick two questions for anyone experienced. the first is does anyone have experience with methyltrienolone (oral tren). How does it compare to injectable tren. I got some from a friend for free along with some dbol. Second, and most important, before i can start my cycle, i have to get my...