Opinions on MENT (Trestolone)?


Hey guys,

Thinking of trying MENT when all this Corona fucking bullshit is gone. Cutting down now to see how lean I can get in the meantime haha!
I LOVE Dbol and Anadrol, so chances are I like MENT as well. But I wanted to ask who has done MENT (preferably oral, so I can add it next to my injectable regimen and the amount of ml is already enough as is, so opinions the oral acetate form would be the most useful.)

Have you done oral MENT and at what dose? For how long did you run it and what did you experience? Positives and negatives of course!
(if you only did the injectable form, that info is welcome as well. I might do it with an insulin syringe ED or EOD then.)

Thanks bro's!


Be prepared to run your AI high or you will get gyno. For me I had to run it as high as Aromasin 25mg ed.


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its not for people estrogen prone, which is why ive never touched it.... if you can handle the estrogen, then theres a lot of qualities there that you can do very well with... its just not for everyone