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    Cardarine and mk2866 in MMA

    Hi guys been a lurker of this forum for a while. I used to be a muay thai fighter in my younger years but due to knee surgery complications stopped all physical exercise for a while. However i have now decided to get off my ass and get into an mma gym and also want to incorporate strength...
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    SARM for mma

    Hi everyone, I compete in mma and will be fighting next April. I am wondering if anyone can recommend any sarms tried and tested that would be beneficial to a fighter. Some info about myself, I am 27 years old, professional fighter, I walk around at about 180lbs and fight at 155lbs. I am...
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    sarms to perform

    Hello, ive been reading the forum for a little while but just decided to write a post, im new to sarms and any kind of peds. i read about sarms in pills and how different brands have been selling pro hormones instead of the real stuff, i live in uk and after doing some research couldnt really...
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    I would like to start taking GW-501516

    -Sex: Male -Age:24 -Height:5.74 -Weight: 172 pounds -Body fat: 10% - 13% -Years of training: Did some martial arts and weightlifting, but not constantly, i don't train since 2 years ago. -Complete cycle history: none. -Goals: MMA - Cardio -Supplements:5-htp, vit-c, multivitamin, supervitamin b...
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    SARMS for MMA fightes & Boxers

    I'm currently training some MMA fighters and Boxers in strength & conditioning. Two of them are having trouble with adjusting to my style of dieting and training. They're used to cutting weight 5 to 7 days before a fight. On the other hand, I've had them dropping weight gradually over an 8...
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    Advice Request: Ideal Cycle for GR Wrestling/Grappling/MMA

    Hello everyone, first post here. Great site Dylan, videos are amazing many thanks. Would be great to get some useful opinions on this alternative but increasingly popular subject; Ideal AAS for martial arts. An ideal cycle for a combat athlete would likely be something that produces some...
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