1. K

    Letro for gyno and when to stop

    Had some gyno flare up on my first cycle very late while running sustanon @500mg a week. I took bad advice and didn’t get an aromatase inhibitor in time to stop gyno. I started taking letrozole as soon as I felt the pea sized lump behind my nip. I have been using it for roughly a week now, and...
  2. X

    Tiny marbe sized lump does not go away with letro!

    hey! I got gyno lumps when i entered pct even after using 12.5mg aromasin with nolva and clomid. The left nipple wasnt that bad but it was puffy. the right nipple had a marbe to coin sized lump and i freaked out. i have treated gyno on cycle before with just nolva at 30mg/day but now i got...
  3. B

    Gyno and Letro side effects

    Hey guys, I've got some gyno from a previous cycle when I was dumb and ignorant in college. I figured I'd give a strong dose of nolva a try as surgery isn't an option financially right now. I'm finishing an OTC PH cycle in a few days, I've got a PCT set up and also have Nolva which I'll run at...
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