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    I may have fucked up.

    to start, 32 yo, 173 lbs, 5'10, bf% unknown, not sloppy.. so about a month ago I started reading about sarms, long story short, I hit for ldg-4 and started, knowing I should have got blood work done from what I've read, i completely phased it out being an absolute noob to all of...
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    Which do you recommend? LGD4033,Mk677 vs LGD4033,S4 stacks.

    If you had to choose between the two stacks, LGD4033, Mk677 vs LGD4033, S4. If you dont mind saying the dosage you recommend for either stack Currently only taking LGD4033 at 15mg from enhanced athlete. 10mg in the morning, 5mg after lunch/pre-workout. I went with 15 mg because thats what prime...