1. Mark Diesel

    Steroids for joints and tendons

    I know nandrolone is good to run for your joints, and I've read boldenone and anavar are good to run for joint and tendon health too. Does anyone know if there are others that help with joint and tendon health? And does anyone know if halotestin is better or worse for joints and tendons? Super...
  2. JamesT

    If You Had To Choose ONE Test/Hybrid for 12 Months Blast And Cruise?

    I'm definitely not ready to be doing any AAS, so I'm just focused on losing BF% and simultaneously gaining mass wherever possible. I'm on TRT, using Test Cyp currently at 200mg/week cruising - thinking of a blast within the next few months, just waiting on proper AI as my doctor gave me...
  3. Y

    How to help Joint Discomfort on Winstrol

    So i am doing 30mg var with 40 mg win for the next 10 days just to finish off this var, and then another 5 weeks at 50mg on win, so 6 weeks total on win, I started taking the win 3 days ago and i have noticed a bit of knee discomfort, i went out and got animal flex for joint support, it has all...