hcg pct beginner cycle

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    Pct dosage & hcg timing????

    Hi, I'm currently six weeks Into a 12 week cycle of - test cyp 200 (400mg/week) -Anavar (100mg/week) - arimidex .25 eod ( from week 6 ) What is the best pct protocol? & I have not run hcg with this cycle, so should I run hcg for the last 4 weeks and then have a 2 week break then start pct? Or...
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    HCG advice

    Hi Dylan and everyone I'm about to start my cycle and I had a question about the HCG I'm gonna have to use during. First some info: Age: 32 Height: 1m80 or 5' 11" Weight: 94kg or 207 pounds Fat: 12% (recently measured) Training for about 12-13 years. If you need to know more, feel free to...
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    Beginner Cycle

    Hey Dylan, so I am 22 years old, 5ft9, 12% body fat, 150 lbs, a Pro Soccer Player. I've decided to jump on gear. I want to gain as much strength as I can with as little mass as possible. I want to improve my speed and explosiveness. So I've been thinking of taking, Test Enanthate for 9 weeks...