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first cycle help

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    Planning my first cycle

    Hello Dylan sir and everyone out there. my stats are Age-25 Height - 185 cms BF- 15% Weight - 85 kgs Training since 2 years. 5 days a week. My goal is to bulk. I'm planning the following cycle, test e 250 mg deca 300 mg boldenone 100 mg. alternate day for 8 weeks. 2 weeks off. Nolva...
  2. V

    Natural Athlete looking out for a SARM cycle, need HELP!

    Hi, I have been training for the past 7-8 years and i always preferred to stay natural because of the side effects of the steroids(no offense towards the people who use them, i admire most of them at the same time). Do i face any problems importing the products from SARMSX to India, by the...
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    Hi everyone! I'm 38 years old and after my annual blood testing the testosterone level was 240 ng/dl and estradiol (36) - really?? yeah man.. that bad! After that I reached an orthomolecular doctor to fix that issue up for my well-being. On the first month of treatment he has prescribed some...
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    my first cycle bros

    Ok broseph check it out im prepared to do a cycle of test only so what information i have gained ill need test e 250 ran at 300 mg a week along with aromasin at 12.5 mg a day for 12 weeks followed by clomid or nolva at 50/50/40/40 for 1 month then im good is there any details im missing please...