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    Test Deca Tbol cycle???

    im looking at doing my first bulk cycle and have questions and concerns. stats: 30 5'8 150lbs 10-12% bf I've ran a test and eq cycle in the past. I had trouble packing on weight with this cycle but noticed a huge improvement in my physic which I was happy with, but im looking to pack on some...
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    Bulking cycle

    Hi all new to this forum Want to start my 2nd cycle that being a bulking one, test e,decca & dbol kickstart for weeks 1-4. Can someone outline the way i should take this cycle as im now debating whether to replace decca for npp, as ive read i. This day & age its alot better and with little...
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    dosage: moderate cycle: dosage suggestions

    Have on Hand to use : Sust 250, pure decca 300, dbol 50 ( 100 tabs) 12 weeks .... what dosage would you suggest?
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