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    When will I recover from short term T3 use?

    Hey guys, So I used some T3 (25mcg) that I had bought a while back for 3 days until I read about the potential it has to cause hair loss. I immediately stopped taking it. After such a short period on the medication, I was wondering roughy how long it would take for my thyroid to bounce back to...
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    Sarms replacing steroids on DNP and T3 cicle

    So, i'm 21 years old, been on the gym for 3 years, i'm at a 11~13% bf, i'm about to use t3 and dnp to really cut all the fat out. The thing is, whitout steroids i'll burn muscle, bone, fat, everything haha, and i dont want that to happen, but also i dont want to use gear now, so i was thinking...
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    New Female Asking for some info on Cardarine and Ostarine First

    Hi there, new here. I will answer the basics to give an idea as to what I'm asking for help and info apologies, some detail here but thought it might help. Female Age:39 Height: 5’4” Weight: between 149-153lbs BF: Not sure at the moment. Based on visual estimates and one previous time...