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    Cycle Advice contest prep

    Okay guys heres the layout for my competition stack. Sust 250 500 mgs per week for 16 weeks Primo or EQ dosage TBD ? for 16 weeks Tren A: 50 mgs EOD for 12 weeks Masteron P: 100 mgs EOD for 10 weeks Anavar: 50 mgs ED 6 weeks Winstrol: 50 mgs ED 6 weeks Halotestin: 5 mgs 3 weeks T3: TBD...
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    Competition Help

    So I am going to compete in my first show mid-june of 18 in the physique division. For those who have competed before do you have any advice or anything on things to focus on, diet wise, etc..? Also would you suggest hiring a coach? I have heard that it is a waste of money and others say it...
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    16 weeks mens physique

    I am looking to compete in a mens physique contest in October. I am 6'4 213lbs at 13% bodyfat. I am looking to get on a cycle, running deca and test for first 8 weeks for size and then masteron and test to cut for the last 8 weeks. Can anyone let me know how to run the cycle.
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    Second Cycle Options

    I find myself posting and reading more and more while watching more videos/reading other's forum posts! I'm so glad I made the choice to not just be a silent observer and actually create an account! Okay, so to the point. I have two separate proposed second cycles for myself. I ran 500 mg test...
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