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    Natural bulk and cutting with steroids

    Hey guys I have been training for 3-4 years and have pretty good muscle mass and I did it naturally and I was thinking to use steroids such as oral winstrol with clen for cutting. I was wondering will I be able to keep my natural gains after cutting cycle? Thanks in advance.
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    Clen and women.

    My girlfriend is cutting for her new competition in the bikini/physique part. She wants to know how she should proper dose clen. I was thinking the normal 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. First week starting at 40 mcg the first week then the second week up it 60 mcg for the second week. Then repeat the...
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    New to sarms Recomp or bulk

    Hey guys im new here, i have been wanting to start a sarm cycle for around 4 months, i have done research on lgd and clen. but since those 4 months i have gained some fat and dont know where to go from here. i dont know if i should bulk or recomp. i dont feel like i should cut beacuse i if i do...
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    CLEN/ANAVAR --- Advice

    I'm a newbie so I need advice. I am looking to loose body fat and tone up. I use to use clen but i stopped in September but I saw results, I would go on clen again but I felt like it just messed with my fat cells, I lost weight with my cardio work out fast but I gained it back.. Does anyone...
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    Clenbuterol and Women

    Hi, all. My wife wants to run clen, but after doing more digging I'm a little skeptical. I've read a few nasty stories, but also a lot of women talking about how they love it. Her and I have both used albuterol no problems in the past when getting ready for a show, but who I currently order...
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    Best fat loss stack

    Hey guys just wondering your opinion was considering running Clen with winny and test for a fat loss stack Thoughts? Suggestions? Going to clean up diet with fasted cardio and use S4 and GW also Always seem to get very lean except those lower abs and back of course
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