1. M

    sarms to perform

    Hello, ive been reading the forum for a little while but just decided to write a post, im new to sarms and any kind of peds. i read about sarms in pills and how different brands have been selling pro hormones instead of the real stuff, i live in uk and after doing some research couldnt really...
  2. RUCingdsgainz

    Cardio !

    Cardio is not my thing and never has been I have been building my cardio over the last few months in preparation for a possible police academy date. I have been lifting for over 12 years and cardio has never been a priority however I do train high volume. Dylan I know you love your cardio got...
  3. B

    Cardarine and cardio

    Dylan- I know that you are a big fan of cardarine and know an extensive amount of information on the stuff. So,what type of cardio should I be doing in order to optimize the fat loss effects of cardarine? HIIT or low-to-moderate intensity steady state? I have experience in both forms and both...
  4. H

    2 Time Cardio In A Day?

    Is it advisable to do 2 times cardio in a day morning 40 min and evening 40 min would it lead to faster fat loss or evening 40 min is enough daily 20 min on elliptical mechine And 20 min incline walk Stats-: 88kg 6.2ft 15% body fat Cycle :- test prop Tren ace
  5. Blue_Shine

    Steady state cardio benefits your BRAIN – an academic POV

    In this post I had chosen to elaborate on Dylan's video on “The Benefits of Steady State Cardio” ( with an academic spin. I opted to focus on new and current studies that emerged in the past year that have shown multitudinous benefits to aerobic...