1. M

    Third Cycle, Test and Tren Help, is my Tren E bunk?

    Hey guys, i'm new here and would really be thankful if you could help me with my questions. I am 26, 6'0 and 190, at around 15-14% bf. I have done a 500 mg test only and a 500 test 50 mg anadrol cycle before, and had great results. On my third cycle, i wanted to try something a bit stronger so I...
  2. H

    when to choose between vitamin b6 vs caber when on tren cycle?

    hey guys, im currently on test e tren a cycle at 350mg / 50mg eod respectively. im takin about 200mg of vitamin b6 and also have caber in hand (havent used it yet) according to experts, vitamin b6 is plenty for tren dosage at 50mg eod. when is the "transition tren dosage" to switch to caber...
  3. H

    vitamin b6 and caber dosage for tren cycle

    hey guys, whats a good dosage of vitamin b6 for tren cycle at tren a at 50mg ed along with test? also, i finally got caber!! what tren dosage do you recommend to use caber with? (ex. tren over 75mg eod, then incorporate caber) and do i use caber and b6 together when using high dose of tren?
  4. Mark Diesel

    Caber source needed

    I think I got scammed with my recent prami purchase so I need a legitimate caber source, I've heard Biotech is solid. If someone could reach out to me it would be appreciated!
  5. E

    Test/Deca blast coming up. Questions regarding Prolacting and Caber

    Hey guys, been on TRT for a few years now and a few months ago I increased the dose from 125mg/week to 600/week for 10 weeks as a first blast. great results. I've waited some time and want to try Test/Deca 500/300 respectively per week for 15 weeks. I will have cabergoline on hand. What is...
  6. RUCingdsgainz

    Caber/Dostinex in PCt

    Currently in PCT and I was curious about running caber just for the libido boostin effects I had originally gotten it for the purpose of my last cycle of tren but never used it would I b able to use it and get the added push in my libido? I noticed my libido is way way! down from what it was on...
  7. Romes20

    A few Deca questions - Nandrolones and Breathing/ Extending Caber past last pin?

    Hey guys- On my first low-dose Deca run at the moment. Running about 250mg Test Cypionate/wk and 200-225mg Deca/wk about two weeks in. Had a few questions for those who might have similar experiences. I do have seasonal asthma that typically is exacerbated by rapid changes in weather or during...
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