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  1. B

    Best protocol for extending/keeping gains?

    Hi all, I started a sarms cycle 1st June (20mg RAD, 20mg MK677) I then got informed I will have a strongman comp in October. From past exp I find the sweet spot for running these compounds is 8 weeks. If thats the case that will take me to July 27th. In the past I would have ran a basic PCT for...
  2. RUCingdsgainz

    6 weeks into my test only cycle what to bridge with? (sarms)

    So currently 6 weeks into my Test only cycle low dose only 300-350 mg a week What sarms would b good to bridge with and how should my PCT look going to include Post CT into this one Want to keep as much mass as possible however LGD I really like it gives me to much acne what would b another...