body buidling

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  2. M

    A Novice Powerlifter New to SARMS, Questions about how to cycle and maintain health

    So I'm a novice powerlifter who was considering Homeopathic HGH to increase my height (due to my insecurity and my own problems) but found that SARMS may be able to help me all around in terms of my goals. Size, HGH production increase, and strength along with a leaner body mass. What I'm asking...
  3. AsapSlim

    What Blood panel through private labs?

    Can someone explain to me how this privatelabs thing works? ive read the instructions and i get that but what panel do i order exactly?
  4. AsapSlim

    Question about hcg

    Is hcg necessary for a test e / Lgd stack? If so, is there any type of oral substitute for it, im already nervous about pinning one substance as is
  5. AsapSlim

    First aas cycle advise

    My goal is to put on some serious lean mass like 20 pds or so 33 5'9 185pds 14%bf (will be lower by the time I use) 5 years training (roughly) October I plan to do my first aas cycle, I originally planned on 300mg of test e or c a week for 12 weeks but I hear you can add some dbol from weeks...
  6. AsapSlim

    S4 Dosing

    Im confused as to how long you can run s4. Ive seen multiple people say that 8 weeks max but then i get on sarmsx and see they have a 12 week cutting stack that includes the sarm s4...which one is it 8 or 12?