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    what level of estrogen is optimal for man

    I am going to do my blood work in the middle of my cycle. Can you guys tell me what level of estrogen is normal for a male in his 20s.
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    How much testosterone do I expect in my blood work in the middle of my cycle

    This is my first cycle and I am in my 20s. I only took one injection with 250mg of test E weekly with nothing else. On week 7 or 8, I am about to do a blood test. Can you guys give me a range of testosterone level that can be expected from the blood work?
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    pre cycle bloods

    I'm 27 230 lbs at about 15% body fat current cutting more right now as well prob won't start my second cycle for about a month first cycle I did was test e @ 500 a week for 15 weeks. done terrible prohormone Cycles when I was younger (I know but what is done is done) way more informed now almost...