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    Help a Veteran Get Back in Shape (Stack Advice for a Beginner)

    Hey Everyone, Since leaving the Army I went from peak physical condition to the worst shape of my life. But with everyone's help, I plan to change that. Here's some relevant info: Stats 36yrs old | 5'7 | 260lbs | Endomorph/mesomorph type body. Basically I'm stock and (semi) muscular, but I...
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    Basic starter cycle questions

    Thinking about starting a cycle of: Rad140 20mg for 12 weeks, after that hop on mk677 as just a stimulus to retain the gains for 12 weeks, after that hop back on rad and rinse and repeat. I’m still clueless about most of this stuff, obviously gonna do a lot more research before/even if I do...
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    A Novice Powerlifter New to SARMS, Questions about how to cycle and maintain health

    So I'm a novice powerlifter who was considering Homeopathic HGH to increase my height (due to my insecurity and my own problems) but found that SARMS may be able to help me all around in terms of my goals. Size, HGH production increase, and strength along with a leaner body mass. What I'm asking...
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    Beginner SARMS cycle

    Hey Dylan. I am a 30years old guy with decent strength and have been training on and off for about 5 years now. As soon as I hit 29, my hormones changed quite a bit cause me to become a hard gainer and gain fat easily despite my training being the same. It is very hard for me to keep my gains...