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1st cycle

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    Poppin my cherry

    This week I will starting my 1st cycle. I?ve experimented with SARMS (mk2866, LGD and RAD) but wasn?t impressed by those compounds nor am I 100% convinced that they are safer than gear. I decided to step things and run a test cycle and see how things go. My protocol will be 300 mg a week of...
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    First Cycle, Gyno Onset

    Hey guys, if you're reading this thank you in advance for taking the time. Anyway I am currently running 1.5cc of Test Prop every other day and I have been on Arimidex from the get go, I take a quarter tab every day along with my vitamins rather than half tab every other day which is the norm...
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    1st cycle

    So I am 24 6'2 230 lbs. I recently put about 30 lbs back on after losing 140. I have some general knowledge of aas. Just unsure what I want to take. Have always heard that test is a good thing to start on, but have also thought about just getting clen or anavar and tgen trying test when i...
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    FIRST CYCLE Q (I'm already Jacked) - Picture attached

    I'm 31 years old(just turned 31), I'm about to embark on my 1st cycle (trained and dieted 10+ years all natural) and am running a TEST E cycle @ 250 MG twice per week (aka 500 Mg TEST E cycle) for 16 weeks. A picture of my peak conditioning is attached (just in case it helps you answer my...