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Thread: Sarms and peptides for 221.4 LBS man for weight loss

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    Sarms and peptides for 221.4 LBS man for weight loss

    Sir/ Ma?am

    Height - 180cm
    Weight- 221.4 lbs (101kg). (From last 2 years)
    Ideal weight wanted- 75kg

    1) what sarm and peptide cycle should i run to achieve ideal weight ?
    2) pct ?

    I have attached mu current body picturs

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    Sarms and peptides for 221.4 LBS man for weight loss

    You are currently 5?11? at 221 lbs? Not sure of body fat percentage?
    How old are?
    You want to drop down to 165lb?
    Yes that is achievable. Diet and discipline of course is king for this .
    That will be very thin with very little muscle. When I started my transformation at 6? 230 lbs I dropped to
    175 lb
    87 lbs skeletal muscle mass
    8.percent body fat.
    I was very lean with very little muscle.
    Is that your goal. Do not go by BMI.
    I did it with diet and cardio. Lowered calories and started exercising. Change my food and eating habits. Started weighing and tracking my food. Got my weight way down and lost majority of fat.
    This worked for me then I started lifting to add muscle. Eventually Sarms.
    Are you sure of goal weight?
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    you can get everything you need at

    1-12 GW-501516 (CARDARINE) 20 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m.
    1-12 sr9009 (STENABOLIC) 30 mg day... 5 mg split doses 2-3 hours apart
    1-12 S4 (ANDARINE) 50 mg day... split doses... 25 mg in the a.m. and 25 mg 4-6 hours later
    9-12 N2generate
    Mini pct 13-16

    clomid 50/25/25/25 OR nolva 40/20/20/20

    gw-501516 20 mg day

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    Peptides are fine but id go with Sarms.

    Ive run peptides for years back when they were first a huge thing but it really was just a pain to be honest and if I were going to inject id do HGH instead.

    None of these compounds will help you loose weight your diet and training needs to be spot on otherwise you will be wasting money.

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    Awm is right and Dylan?s suggestion is an awesome stack. It will give you the energy and stamina you need. Along with other benefits. As I am sure you are aware. These are just to support or aid you in your success. Like said your diet and work outs are key. Get them right and this stack will do you great. But with our diet and workout they are a waste.
    Your success is in your hands and commitment. We are here to help cheer you along. You can find great information and support here.

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    I went from 240 to 175 it took years to achieve as I did it slowly, everyone thought I was really sick because I looked like shit, I kept telling people it's a process and you have to trust in what you are doing, had to drop the fat first to get lean and bigger over time while staying lean.

    Sarms is and excellent option and I suggest going with what Dylan put for a stack and is nothing but legit and a hell of a company.

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    Diet is going to be the most important thing for you to ultimately make that kind of transformation. As for enhancing it, I would look into products like Cardarine, SR-9009, and N2Slin.
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