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Thread: Pre-loading syringes

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    Pre-loading syringes

    Any issues with loading 4-5 syringes at a time, replacing with the fresh capped injection needle and storing them like this?

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    No not really. Sterility would be the only issue.

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    I've done a couple weeks of it at a time. Not the best idea though. It will actually dissolve the rubber in the syringe over time. That's why you also want to store vials upright

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    Pre-loading syringes

    What compound? Test? That’s ok doing a couple. Tren? I wouldn’t go beyond 3-4 days out.

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    I wouldn't preload anything more than what you'll use within a couple days myself, due to sterility reasons. Besides that, it's not like it takes that long to draw up and prep a syringe

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    I preloaded the day before and I’m thinking that was a bad idea since the PIP is worse this time around. It was my 4th injection in glutes. Other 3 times it was a little sore like a charlie horse. This time is a little worse. The skin is not red but the muscle is very tight and there’s a little more pain when sleeping on that side.

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