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Thread: Last Day for these Deals

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    Last Day for these Deals

    Pharmaqo giveaway promo is here!

    Get 1 NANDRODEC, SUSTANON 250 OR TRI TEST 400 for every order over $250

    Get 3 NANDRODEC, SUSTANON 250 OR TRI TEST 400 for every order over $500

    Get 1 HGH or 6 NANDRODEC, SUSTANON 250 OR TRI TEST 400 for every order over $1000

    Please put in the order comment section your choice and the shipper will include it.

    Steroidify Representative

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    We?re Steroidify ? Your reliable source!

    Our vision is to establish a reputation for contributing to raising the quality of life for sports enthusiasts and those who enjoy an active lifestyle. We are all about helping people look and feel great.

    Steroidify has products for both genders and all types of individuals, from the hardcore body builder to the everyday gym enthusiast.

    We have a dedicated team of professionals that includes quality control specialists and market researchers to ensure that we source only the highest quality supplements and provide our customers with exactly what they are looking for. In addition, we also have dedicated IT specialists to ensure the integrity of our online store is not compromised and more importantly, that our customer data remains safe and secure. Our Shipping Managers ensure orders are delivered on time and our customer service professionals are tasked with responding to every customer query or concern in under 24 hours.

    We offer our customers a unique bonus/reward program where they can earn bonus coins for every dollar they spend at Steroidify. Customers can spend bonus coins and get even more products at absolutely zero additional costs. In addition, we also offer a referral discount program. These reward and discount programs are permanent and always available.

    Steroidify has a passion for sport and innovation. Our passion drives us to surpass ourselves daily. We believe in our vision, our employees, our partners and our customers. Just like in the world of sports, excellence can only come about by providing our customers with better products and finding better ways to reach our customers.

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    From the Steroidify team we are proud to announce our new bot, thanks to this bot you will be able to:

    ❗️Consult the lab tests of your favorite brands .
    ❗️Always be up to date with the most recent lab tests to know the quality of the product .
    ❗️It will be updated constantly.

    : @SteroidifyProductBot

    Enjoy it!

    Your Steroidify Representative
    - Ballin2504

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    We want to announce some very good and long awaited news for all our followers.

    Due to the numerous requests for consulting and cycle planning we have received along the time, we have have decided to start a collaboration with a retired IFBB PRO athlete to handle all your requests and give you guidance on your bodybuilding endeavors.

    There are just a few conditions that you need to meet to be eligible for getting in contact with our pro and get an advice:

    - Exclusively for Steroidify customers only.

    - This is not a prep service, so no advanced pre-competition protocols, like water manipulation, seo or anything of that nature.

    - No cut-paste answer will be given. All replies will be tailored to your case. Give full details for a better understanding of your situation, history and goals.

    Please contact our customer service and they we will offer you more details.

    Thank you,

    Your Steroidify Representative

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    Follow the link below to get an in-depth injection guide....While youre there check out our extensive product list at Steroidify!!

    Your Steroidify Representative

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    Levels of testosterone in men by age

    Below is a breakdown of the testosterone levels of men of different ages.

    Levels of testosterone in men who are over 30 years
    Free: 8.7-25.1 plcogram/milliliter
    Total: 219-1009 ng/dL and Normal 600-675 ng/dl

    Levels of testosterone in men who are over 40 years
    Free: 6.8-21.5 picogram/milliliter
    Total: 201-993 ng/dL and Normal 500-550 ng/dl

    Levels of testosterone in men who are over 50 years
    Free: 7.2-24.0 picogram/milliliter
    Total: 170-918 ng/dL and Normal 400-450 ng/dl

    Levels of testosterone in men who are 60 years and above
    Free: 6.6-18.1 picogram/milliliter
    Total: 156-700 ng/dL and Normal 300-350 ng/dl

    From the above breakdown, it is clear to see that there is a huge impact on how a man looks, feels, and thinks based on their age. The average levels listed above are the guidelines that specialists tend to look at as they assess a given individual.

    For more information follow the line below

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    Testosterone is the primary substrate used in the male body for the synthesis of estrogen (estradiol), the principal female sex hormone. Although the presence of estrogen may seem quite unusual in men, it is structurally very similar to testosterone. With a slight alteration by the enzyme aromatase, estrogen is produced in the male body. Aromatase activity occurs in various regions of the male body, including adipose, liver, gonadal, central nervous system, and skeletal muscle tissues. In the context of the average healthy male, the amount of estrogen produced is generally not very significant to one?s body disposition, and may even be beneficial in terms of cholesterol values (See Side Effects: Cardiovascular System).

    However, in larger amounts it does have potential to cause many unwanted effects including water retention, female breast tissue development (gynecomastia), and body fat accumulation. For these reasons, many focus on minimizing the build-up or activity of estrogen in the body with aromatase inhibitors such as Arimidex and Cytadren, or antiestrogens such as Clomid or Nolvadex, particularly at times when gynecomastia is a worry or the athlete is attempting to increase muscle definition. We must, however, not be led into thinking that estrogen serves no benefit. It is actually a desirable hormone in many regards. Athletes have known for years that estrogenic steroids are the best mass builders, but it is only recently that we are finally coming to understand the underlying mechanisms why. It appears that reasons go beyond the simple size, weight, and strength increases that one would attribute to estrogen-related water retention, with this hormone actually having a direct effect on the process of anabolism. This is manifest through increases in glucose utilization, growth hormone secretion,and androgen receptor proliferation.
    Estrogen may play a very important role in the promotion of an anabolic state by affecting glucose utilization in muscle tissue. This occurs via an altering of the level of available glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase, an enzyme directly tied to the use of glucose for muscle tissue growth and recuperation. More specifically, G6PD is a vital part of the pentose phosphate pathway, which is integral in determining the rate nucleic acids and lipids are to be synthesized in cells for tissue repair. During the period of regeneration after skeletal muscle damage, levels of G6PD are shown to rise dramatically, which is believed to represent a mechanism for the body to enhance recovery when needed. Surprisingly, we find that estrogen is directly tied to the level of G6PD that is to be made available to cells in this recovery window. The link between estrogen and G6PD was established in a study demonstrating levels of this dehydrogenase enzyme to rise after administration of testosterone propionate.

    The investigation further showed that the aromatization of testosterone to estradiol was directly responsible for this increase, and not the androgenic action of this steroid. The non-aromatizable steroids dihydrotestosterone and fluoxymesterone were tested alongside testosterone propionate, but failed to duplicate the effect of testosterone. Furthermore, the positive effect of testosterone propionate was blocked when the aromatase inhibitor 4- hydroxyandrostenedione (formestane) was added, while 17-beta estradiol administration alone caused a similar increase in G6PD to tesosterone propionate. The inactive estrogen isomer alpha estradiol, which is unable to bind the estrogen receptor, failed to do anything.

    Further tests using testosterone propionate and the anti-androgen flutamide showed that this drug also did nothing to block the positive action of testosterone, establishing it as an effect independent of the androgen receptor.

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    Steroidify is not only a store, Steroidify is a community. We have a team which is dedicated to the AAS world with all the science background, IFBB pros and sponsored athletes that can offer you a full support. If you struggle to start your very first cycle or you want to get any specific help or simply want to know how to use our products, write to our customer support line. We will be happy to help.

    Join our Telegram community of passionate people involved into the world of AAS - pro athletes, competing bodybuilders and simply AAS lovers. To stay in touch we use 24/7 online chat which you can easily access by joining our Telegram channel

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    Received a seizure letter from customs....No worries we will take care of it. Below is the steps to follow to get the issue resolved.


    There is no need to worry. We are in this business for more than 12 years and worst case scenario we have heard for seizures of packages was that basic seizure notice. Including for orders containing more than 50 vials.
    Customs, according to their official reports, seize tens of thousands of packs every day containing forbidden supplements and drugs therefore an address flag is impossible since the volume is simply to big for them to analyze each case in depth.
    Our store offers the most permissive reship policy on the AAS market. For most countries we offer unlimited reship policy. If your package is stuck in customs for more than 15 days, please contact our customer line to investigate the case and initiate a reship.
    In case you have received a seizure letter please:

    take a high quality photo (120dpi) of envelope with letter received from customs or FDA with receiver name
    take a high quality photo (120dpi) photo of the letter received from customs or FDA with receiver name

    Upload both images to an image upload site like or (please DO NOT set the image autodele option on!) and send us a links with an order number to investigate the case and initiate a reship/refund.

    To get a link please proceed as follows:
    - open the site
    - push browse to choose photo/video to upload
    - wait it to be uploaded and push HIDDEN
    - copy the link from the pop up window and send us

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    5-7 DAYS


    MEN 300-1500 MG/WEEK







    10 ML X 250 MG/ML


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