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Thread: Got a seizure letter? READ THIS

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    Got a seizure letter? READ THIS


    Getting the notice of siezure is pretty much knowledge that's where it ends. If they were gonna grab you, odds are you would have never heard from them until they banged on your front door

    Secondly, unlike Fed Ex or UPS, a court order is required to even open or examine the contents of anything shipped via USPS. A search warrant needs to be obtained, unless it was intercepted by US Customs Officials as it entered the US Postal system from abroad.

    Once notified of a seizure, there is reason to assume a parcel with your address contained something illegal.

    However, you should fear nothing, regardless…. Having a package with your name on it is no crime in anyone's world, regardless of the contents. The reason you shouldn't worry is that no crime or intent to commit a crime has been committed as far as law enforcement can prove, and prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Having acted in a manner in which a law has been transgressed is really not a crime you could be imprisoned for or even be found guilty of, UNLESS, it can be proven you KNEW, or reasonably should have known, of the lawlessness of the act and committed the act with the INTENT to circumvent a law.

    A package with your name and address on it as the only evidence of you in an act of crime, will never result in a jury finding you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. All you will do is get the notice, unless the package threatened national security, or, in some cases, a Barney Fife will deliver your package personally and try to become a local hero for upholding law and order, but that's usually for fed ex or UPS packages. Even then though, without your admission, you have nothing to fear, except fear itself.

    As long as you admit to nothing beyond your name And your address, and you actually listen to the words known as your Miranda rights and say NOTHING, AND KEEP SAYING NOTHING, you should care less, after all, anyone could mail anyone anything shipped from anywhere and the legal system would come to a complete halt resulting from divorced people, spurned lovers and ex employees in the world mailing each other packages containing illegal goodies.

    Credits to Quora for the info.

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    Please read before being nervous and flipping out on reps/sources as it’s not a big deal.

    Wait for the letter and most international sources have a free reship policy.

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    A post this important should have more views, so to the top it goes. Thanks Tazz for always saying what needs to be said, facts.

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    I'll bump it up... Very important!

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    This is relieving. Pharmalady is by far the most affordable for orals and Tren H (I use tren for my adhd: acts like Adderral with a very long half-life).
    Getting into any issues with the law would be very bad for my income.

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    Hey tazz this was a very informative post bro!! Shit it cones to my door and requires signature , i go " aww i wasnt expecting a package from anyone, here let me sign for that". Just that simple

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    Good to know all of this. Here in the UK it's not a problem but I know in many other countries it is...

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    Got a seizure letter? READ THIS

    I have gotten several of the love letters from uncle Sam. Some in envelopes, some replaced the contents of a package. I just toss it and move on. Post here is right. Admit nothing. I had a cop try to deliver a bulk order. Shows up in plains clothes with my box opened. He asked if my name was blank I said yes. He said do you live here? I said, uh..yeah its my house. He said ok i have
    A package I need you to sign for. He looked nervous as fuck. So I grinned and told him I didnt order anything and shit the door . he knocked a few times and went away.
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    This post is spot on and dont let anyone argue that point. Throw it out, but you may have been flagged in customs for attempting to import illegal contraband. Keep that in mind if you order overseas or spend a little more and go domestic

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    Great post Tazz, very informative and 100% correct.

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