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Thread: FDA, and SARMS

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    FDA, and SARMS

    The FDA claim SARMS cause sudden deaths, heart attacks and strokes. Same as them claiming DMAA is unsafe which I find absolutely ridiculous. How accurate is this actual information? Does anyone know anyone personally who have passed from SARMS? Or is this just a scare tactic?

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    I don't know anyone who has had issues with sarms, myself included. I've also not seen that in national institute of health studies.

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    FDA also assumes all sellers sell true SARMS instead of prohormones.

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    The groups that say all sarms will destroy your health sell dietary supplements, so sarms directly compete with their products.

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    FDA, and SARMS

    I’ve never heard of one single case of Sarm death OR illness. I call BS. MDAA cause a death because w child with a heart complication took it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas View Post
    FDA also assumes all sellers sell true SARMS instead of prohormones.
    What's funny is Prohormones are extremely liver toxic. Yet they are still floating around with FDA. They are just cheap imitations of steroids pretty much.

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    Dont go full mode Rich Piana and you should be fine lmao.

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    this is fucking ridiculous to ever say... its almost comical...actually it is comical

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