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    1st AAS Cycle- Headaches

    Fellas.. sorry went MIA off the forums for a while. I REALLY appreciate everyone's feedback here. Long story short is I got myself a blood pressure cuff and in fact my BP was high. I dropped primo from 500mg to 250mg which helped a little but ultimately I cut the cycle short at 14 weeks (was...
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    1st AAS Cycle- Headaches

    Thanks guys, was just checking to see if this was a common problem. But totally understand it’s just a guessing game without any real data. Was hoping to avoid a doctor trip but will go get the bloods done and see what it says. Appreciate the feedback as always.
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    1st AAS Cycle- Headaches

    Hi everyone was hoping to get some thoughts on some sides I’m having. I’ve done 3 sarms cycles in the past and now 10 weeks into my 1st AAS cycle. Taking 250mg Test E, 500mg Primo, added in S4 and GW. Taking N2Guard the whole time as well. The cycle is awesome but about a week -10 days ago...
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    How to mix and store peptides: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Thanks Dylan, I inject with an insulin syringe but have been filling the vial with the 23g because I thought it would be faster. Will just use the insulin pin next time. Thanks for the advice
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    How to mix and store peptides: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Another great video Dylan.. An issue I've had reconstituting is when I insert the bac water into the vial it automatically just shoots in..way too hard, ie it just gets sucked in. I'm using a 3ml 23 gauge pin so I can insert 3ml of bac into a 3mg vial. Why is just getting sucked in and how can I...
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    Recomp Cycle Help

    Oh man that's a great idea... How would you dose the primo- 500-600mg/ wk? Love getting the most bang for the buck as far as results vs/ side effects. Looking forward to this one, thanks Dylan you're the best in the biz for a reason brother!
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    Recomp Cycle Help

    As I mentioned on another thread I just finished a 12 week S4/ Rad 140/ GW/ SR9009 cycle and really liked the results. I'm now at a bf% where aas may make sense, whereas befroe I was too high bf%. I'm currently 42, 6'1", 225 mid-high teens bf%.I've done test/ deca cycles in the past and it was...
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    Advanced SARMS Cutting Stacks: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Great video.. I used the s4/ Rad 140/ GW/ SR9009 stack and let me tell you that was a tremendous stack. Gained size and cut serious fat. Some good ideas in here for my next cycle too.. Really appreciate these vids Dylan!
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    first cycle just touching base

    I ran N2Gen 9-12 in my last sarms cycle, but question why run then and not during mini pct? Just curious on the timing. What about running it both 9-12 and during pct?
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    Peptide Cycling?

    Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback. Specifically I'm considering stacking Mod GRF and Ipamorelin (100mcg of each 2x/ day for week 1, 3x/ day thereafter) as after pretty extensive research it seems that combining a GHRH and a GHRP can have a very synergistic effect. I've read a lot of...
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    Peptide Cycling?

    I've heard some varying things as to whether peptides need to be cycled or not. For example I've heard that Mod GRF does not need to be cycled but that Ipamorelin and Frag 176-191 do because of desensitization (have heard 3 months on/ 1 month off for Ipa, and 5 weeks max for Frag). A lot of...
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    2nd Sarms Cycle for Recomp- Advice Needed

    Hi all- I'm entering my last 4 weeks of a 12 week sarms cycle and wanted some advice on where to go from here. I'm 42 and was out of the gym for a few years due to injuries, work etc. Got back in the gym ~4-5months ago and started my 1st sarms cycle ~8 weeks ago 50mg mk2866/ 50 S4(split doses)/...
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    Tentative Peptide List! COMING SOON

    Wow great list.. been thinking about mod grf + ipamorelin for a while but having to pin the injectable every day has been keeping me from going forward. This is going to be great
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    New Products Coming Soon! Happy New Year!

    Pretty exciting, looking forward to the peptides- something I've been interested in for a while. Will they be orally active like all of the other products on the site? Any previews of which ones you think you'll start with? Also are the liquid nolva and clomi new? Dose them the same as tablets...
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    Thoughts on First Sarms Cycle for Fat Loss

    Thanks fellas, appreciate all the help. Will take some pics and post progress. Great community here