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    Cheapest place to buy bulk syringes?

    Amazon for me i got 100 21 gauge for $20. These local pharmacies dont sell em out right cuz of all damn junkies around...
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    Titan is back! Updates and apology!

    So glad to see you back brother! You a bad mofo man!!!
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    big libido problem please help

    Dude take some caber.... That will make you hornier than a billy goat! Aaaaand help with progesterone....
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    Cabergoline Sides: Who Had Them?

    I have definitely noticed the lethargy, dizziness when getting up from laying down, hot flashes, although my sex drive has been through the damn roof...the wife has never been happier!
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    Gear porn of different sources

    I just spilled........
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    Sr9009 or what for fat loss

    That GW-510516 will make your energy sky rocket bro...i'm currently on a Prop/Tren A 350mg of prop 400 tren a a week and my energy has been awesome because of the GW. Usually Tren just obliterates my energy to the point that i cant even think of cardio! Good luck with that stack...
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    Titan update! Plz read

    Titan is a top notch dude! Prayin for you bro!
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    Pharma Lady touchdown and some gear porn baby

    DAMN! I'm jealous! Nice score brotha!
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    The Dangers of DNP: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Had a buddy who ran DNP and jacked himself up HARD! Would over heat like crazy, said his white bed sheets would turn yellow cuz he would sweat worse than a stuck hog...Get off your lazy @$$ and run some extra laps or do extra effin cardio! DNP is never the answer!! Killer Vid Dylan!
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    :D Good point bro!!!
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    Ok coolness...thanks guys! Just making sure I didn't get the wrong shizz! That energy tho....through the roof!!!!!!!
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    Is this stuff supposed to burn like hell when taken from dropper? I took a dropper full 20mg this morning and it feels like I put out a match with my throat... Thanks
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    Dude Killer job! Congrats...stay in it to win it!
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    Shout out titan td

    Titan = Top Notch!
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    Awesome thanks brother!