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    Rad 140 +test and mast for libido

    Hmmmm that has my ears open and would enjoy seeing a video or detailed description of how test and rad work together , especially the trt dose of test with rad or trt with GW
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    Chemyo MK-2866

    Bro in what world would any kind of muscle building compound yield results in 11 days ? Have you researched sarms at all ? Cycles go for 12 weeks and the don't really get going until weeks 4-6 and than peak around weeks 8-12 just a heads up, chemyo used 2 be good not sure about now, everyone...
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    Day 2 Sale: 25% off YK11

    Are you kidding me the one I want 2 run next is on sale 😍
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    12 Days of Christmas Sale!!!!! DO NOT MISS OUT!

    Goddamn it lol, as if I didn't need some things for my next cycle you hit me in the feels with this incredible deal 😎 about 2 go next level with some yk11 so great time 2 get a bottle or 2
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    Help Needed.

    Thats not the right approach at all, the first cycle you run should be test only not a full cycle off the jump, this is a long term commitment and you really need to ask alot of questions and understand what your about to do
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    Huge cyber monday sale! 35% off everything!

    This company never lets us down 🙏 🙌
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    Best workout log book?

    I just keep a log in my head
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    Best addition (SARM/Peptide) to a gear cycle? Cycle advice.

    Rad and yk11 plus GW lord have mercy that would be one hell of and additon
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    SARMS Quality Explained: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    I absolutely love being a part of repping for this company and getting first hand experience with each compound and the thing I enjoy the most is helping others get quality sarms and keeping them healthy and away from pro hormones fakes or orals labeled as fake sarms.
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    Quick bulking update S4S Rad 140 Lgd S4 Gw

    Yes i agree with that and im not letting it get out of hand just while I'm a hit heavier and have my cycle going for another month as I've gotten very strong and filled out with this stack I just might as well ride it out and continue getting stronger and see what my sticking points are and what...
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    Quick bulking update S4S Rad 140 Lgd S4 Gw

    Im right around 235-240 im not going over that, I know i can lose the weight as when I started working out after my injury I was around this weight and I was able 2 get lean and lose it, covid tossed a wrench in things so I figured I would just get stronger while I have more mass and than cut...
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    Anyone use biogen innovations sarms!?!?

    Only sarms I will ever touch and can 1000% stand behind is not only are they fantastic with customers I get the same quality sarms the first time everytime, its easy for us all and why we 1000% endorse them, we don't use bunk products or push that wack ass prohormone junk around...
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    Quick bulking update S4S Rad 140 Lgd S4 Gw

    I think I've come a long way since lock down with all the pics I posted I definitely can see why people love lgd as you don't even have 2 try you just fill out and put on mass, I have gotten so damn strong on this stack as well and it makes me crave more and more 2 push the limits on it. I can...
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    Going from SARMS to First Test only cycle. Have a few questions if you can assist.

    Honesty I've thought about the same thing Awm said in between running sarms just running a test only cycle and maybe var and keep the test at 200 250mg like Awm said as I preach less is more and I feel for me that might be a good starting point 2 see how i would like it or if I just want 2 only...