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    Hello, my BP is usually elevated to the 140 systolic area on cycle. I been trying to decrease it to 110-120. I been drinking tons of water, healthy diet (now), turmeric, fish oil, Apple cider vinegar and beet root powder. I was advised that Telmisartan is very good to help BP. Have any of you...
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    NapsGear.Org Special Offers/Discounts and Reviews

    Richard Brown and moderators approve. Good to know. I'll shovel my bit coin.
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    Fist Time, looking to help heal back issues, Sustanon??

    Out of curiosity, will hgh help at high doses. I know a tad about hyperplasia but not sure if growth would benefit him.
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    Sarms for woman

    My apologies. GW was already a given. I?m more thinking of doses, other sarms and maybe high grade anavar at 10mg. I say high grade cause I know a UGL whose var was overdosed past 10mg. Gotta protect my gal.
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    Sarms for woman

    Hey guys. Sorry I?ll keep this quick. What simple stack would you give a woman for weight loss. Not obese weight loss,but like 15-20 pounds. My girl works out 4x a week and eats clean. She just wants to lean up and drop some covid detention weight.
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    Till this day I still here that. Always had me wondering
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    EQ cycle results

    Im on same cycle but eq is at 600 for me and I started with anadrol for 4 weeks. My new fav cycle. Need to try some var.
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    Horse med care website

    Definitely a different site. Serostim for 550 and primo for 50 bucks. I?m skeptical
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    My apologies to anavar: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Great video. 1 question. I?m gonna do my first ever primo cycle next cycle. Are you happy with doing 400 mg of primo or are you planning to bump it up a bit. Don?t remember if you addressed that. I know you said you wanna let the ansvar shine and your primo dose wasn?t your usual at 400.
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    My apologies to anavar: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Balkan has always had a top notch reputation.
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    Anadrol and equipoise question

    Will do. For now is 600 eq weekly fine. One guy I know said 800. Not sure if that?s overkill.
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    Anadrol and equipoise question

    Thank you but I?m staying away from nandrolone for a bit.
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    Anadrol and equipoise question

    Last question, I got a little liver and organ protection left. What do you use to protect yourself. I was using piana 5% organ but it's a lot of pills.