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    Domestic Supply TD!

    Just curious why you didn't go with Balkan on the Mast?
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    Napsgear Domestic TD

    Looks good 👍
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    Pharma Lady comes thru!!!

    She always delivers!
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    Platinum Biotech reviews

    I've used it for TRT.. always got good numbers on the lab work
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    Pharma Lady September Specials

    Good God, $9 test prop? You ain't going to find that anywhere! I've used plenty of it, it's on point!
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    Pharma Lady August Specials

    Great specials from an awesome source!
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    IWGF bailed me out

    He definitely does a good job!
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    Balkan Pharma UPIC

    Where did you get them?
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    I have a question about a particular brand

    I would pin the TRT every week at 75-100 verses the 150 every other week. Would have much more stable levels. Or are you going in the Dr office every two weeks?
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    Taylor made pharma

    Only heard of the golf clubs. Try one of the many tried and true sources here, why risk getting burned with a unknown lab?
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    Is legit

    Went to Kalpa Pharmaceuticals website and put in and it came back as an unknown. But when i put in it showed as an authorized reseller. I checked them on SP Pharmaceuticals website and they showed them as NOT being an authorized reseller, so i personally...
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    Reliable place to purchase Cypionate online

    That's a fact!
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    Big sale! Oils, caber

    Sweet deal right there!
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    Pharma Lady Modafinil

    I have a prescription for it, but it doesn't seem to have the effect on me as others have with it. I'm not talking about PL's modafinil, I'm talking about Provigil from the pharmacy. Not sure why it doesn't hit me like it does most people?
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    I must have good insurance cuz i only pay $10 for 10ml of Watson cyp.