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    Sources that accept PayPal?

    I do need to hop on the bitcoin train. Cash in mail is a hassle since my post office is a bit of a drive and kind of zoo. That, and I work nights so getting to the post office with their ridiculous hours can be kind of a chore. I think I just got spoiled with my last source. I'm not opposed to...
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    Sources that accept PayPal?

    I know it's a long shot, but are there any legitimate, verified sources left that accept PayPal? My old source was fine with it, but after years of service, they've decided to close up shop. The whole "cash in mail" thing is a huge pain for me and I don't do bitcoin. Again, I know it's a long...
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    IWGF and Peak Performance... top notch!

    Touchdown today. Thanks once again, IWGF, for the excellent support. Great service, great product! Order placed on the 19th and it arrived today. Not my first time ordering Peak Performance, and certainly not my last. IWGF is the man. Very satisfied. :)
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    A reminder: We have tablet orals too

    I ordered some of Axio's Testaplex C200 a few months ago. I just got around to using it (had to use up some old gear first) and I love it! I'll be ordering more very soon. Thanks, Axio!
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    Pharma Lady pulls through!

    I was one of the rare unlucky ones who had their entire order seized by customs last month. Pharma Lady made good on her word with a reship and... touchdown! Package arrived today and I couldn't be happier. Huge thanks to both Pharma Lady and cbbram for their patience and understanding...
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    Huge thanks to IWGF!

    Recently ordered some Peak Performance tren and some Axio test cyp from IWGF. Arrived quickly and I've already been pinning the tren. Love it! Very impressed with IWGF's response time, and the actual products seem top-notch. I'm definitely one satisfied client. Thanks again, IWGF! I'll be...
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    Welcome! Love the username. I actually have that "Arnold is Number Uno" t-shirt. :)
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    Perfect service once again with IWGF

    Anyone heard from IWGF lately? Been trying to contact him but his inbox is full. Received half of my order today, hoping to receive the other half this week.
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    Robolics....Can you ask for faster service?

    Wow, that's impressive. I'm in need of a quick shipment so I'll likely place an order with them this week if they're accepting new clients.
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    Perfect service once again with IWGF

    Nice! Still waiting to hear back on if my order shipped. Can't wait to try the Peak Performance products. :)
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    Nothing but praise for Pharma Lady

    Placed another order with Pharma Lady yesterday. All Platinum Biotech stuff. Super excited to try it! :)
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    IWGF & 9th wonder TD

    I've been looking to pick up some more tren and all the positive Axio feedback has me hooked. I'll be ordering some ASAP. :)
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    **** Major Warning - SUPERIOR COUNTERFEIT - Pharmacom Labs ***

    Will be placing a new order soon and likely going with Pharmacom. I've heard nothing but good things and this thread is a testament to their customer service. Really liking the way they do business. Posting pictures of the counterfeit products and keeping everyone in the loop is above and beyond...
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    Thin D comes through yet again!

    Quick update: Pinned the tren A today and still can't believe how smooth it is. I love this stuff. Thanks again, Thin D! :)
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    Thin D comes through yet again!

    Thanks, man! Can't wait to start my tren cycle Monday. Been years since I've run the stuff and I hear nothing but good things about M.G.P. :)