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    Cialis using it daily?

    I mean the effect will be there 30 something minutes after the dose but if you doing it daily, from the people I know that use it for that it doesn't really matters how much time before cause cialis stays in the body up to 36 hrs so if you taking it every day at a 5mg dose then you'll still have...
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    Decca & Test-E

    Aromasin can also go well with your test
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    Cialis using it daily?

    You want it to work out or to F, just do the 2.5-5mg dose at the same time every day and you'll have it in your system no problem
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    Cialis using it daily?

    You should keep it in the 2.5-5mg a day and that should make it work
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    Holidays are killing my eating plans

    Congrats bro! You have really put some serious effort and looks like you having great results out of it! Keep it going and that 8% bf is great that you where able to maintain it while going up
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    Pain post injection

    You'll be sore for a couple of days but it will end up going away, just change the place where you will be pinning and that's all, you just hit a bad spot.
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    Holidays are killing my eating plans

    That's pretty pretty good bro, well done!
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    Test E, Tran Hex,Anadrol, Mk677 cycle

    Ok then it sounds good to me! And I agree with what Dylan mentioned about the pct. I hope you got the answer you needed
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    Test E, Tran Hex,Anadrol, Mk677 cycle

    That looks like a heavy cycle. Are you training regularly from your last cycle till now and on trt or something and that's why you going with such a heavy one right now? So you goal is only to bulk? How much BF you have?
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    Holidays are killing my eating plans

    Just stay strong in the temptation. LOL
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    Acne on cycle

    There's many things that can be involved with that but mainly hormones and how they react to steroids.
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    drawing hgh question

    Yes it's totally right. Even though you can totally find that answer in the internet by just typing it
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    Should I taper Tren down towards end of cycle?

    You gonna feel like shit once out of it anyways so no reason to push it down last week.
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    First Test Cycle

    Totally agree you gotta go down in BF before running a cycle cause if you do it can end up being more a waist than an improvement for you. And you can be more susceptible to the sides