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    Deca question non bodybuilding

    Deca won't heal you bro
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    Ideal HGH Protocol - Muscle Gain

    where you pin and what time won't make a lot of difference to be honest and also hgh is going to take a long time for you to start seeing the results so you will need to be very patient
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    Reputable source for gear?

    The guys have you covered
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    You're going to gain a lot of water and that's you will shrink when you get off
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    Turning Purple

    Where did you got it from?
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    Tren question

    You should get some blood work and see if the answer is there
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    lgd winstrol

    Don't add it
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    You totally went with a lot AI
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    Sarms legality

    They are in the limbo
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    Ready to get back

    Glad to hear that bro!
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    Low Test levels. Help Needed.

    Bro your Dr is an idiot for that
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    Need a few things

    Give it time bro
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    Cycle advice

    The cycle looks pretty good and the guys have you covered with the Sarms. Let us know how it goes bro
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    Cycle question

    I wouldn't add anything else for this cycle, I would finish it and make the next one with other compound and higher doses. What's your goals
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    drop tren and run npp?

    I agree that Tren is way to high and you should drop it to half of what you're running. 300mg a week