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    Protein leakage (help!)

    Ok guys solid advice. As far as my cycle goes, it's not a cycle. This is my trt. Low dose primo 200mg(which replaced my arimidex) and 200mg test year round. Guess I'll just keep my water at a gallon a day. I'm already using NAC and milk thistle. Does n2guard have any other stuff that's beneficial?
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    Protein leakage (help!)

    Hey guys lemme fill you in on what's going on. Back in November I noticed lots of bubbles when I peed. After googling I realized it was protein. Got my urine checked and protein was in the urine and then got my kidneys checked and my creatinine was 1.6 and egfr was 47 I believe. I was running...
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    Heart issue advice

    Hey Dylan I'm 31 years old and was diagnosed with hypogonadism at the age of 27 and have been on TRT ever since(80mg every 3 days total tesosterone is 700-1000ng). I have done a few light cycles here and there like upping my testosterone dose to 500mg weekly stacked with like 30mg of anavar and...