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    My First Bulking Stack LGD 4033 RAD 140 MK2866 Please give me some help

    nutrobal will make you sleep harder, give it a go
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    Blood Work Panel

    be careful ordering bloods on there, they make it more complicated then it needs to be and its easy to overpay for less things. check out this thread that is always in my signature where i explain step by step how to pick the right one>>...
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    Naps Best Before Sale

    cheap gear due to the expriations, get on it
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    Tren Test Ratio

    my view is i want the tren to work its magic without throwing more androgens and estrogens at the body. so i prefer 0 test with my tren, rather you run var or tbol with it
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    LGD cycle

    you should never use sarms/steroids etc from unverified sources. yes stop using them, no telling what you are using
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    Accidently taken 50mg LGD 4033

    not the end of the world you will be fine.
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    NapsGear Laboratory Tests Of Medication

    great products and fair prices
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    Sarms Bridge

    make sure you are getting bloods pre and post cycle, check out my signature for how
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    MENT Cycle

    at the very least add in 12.5mg EOD of aromasin and adjust
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    Raloxifene with RAD140

    yes but why are you on ralox? if it is for estrogen it is unnecessary, if its for another medical reason then it won't interfere
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    Man Sports

    i believe you are talking about a UK company and the laws there are different. having said that i would rather you use napsgear for your ancillaries
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    Help a Veteran Get Back in Shape (Stack Advice for a Beginner)

    dylan put together a nice ass stack for you. let us know if you need help again and let us know how it goes
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    Have you voted for your favorite product?

    people are all over the testosterone esters for sure
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    Napsgear Knowledge article: Prevent Prostate Enlargement with These Foods

    very important men take their prostate seriously just as women take their breast cancer risk seriously
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    Napsgear knowledge article: BCAA Supps: Are They Bunk?

    yeah the whole bcaa thing is ridiculous. people who use them are just throwing their money away. go buy some chicken instead