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    Steroid cycle

    first post up your complete stats but i can tell you right now that cycle is way too much
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    2 cycle information

    why switch to Enanthate?? and 10 weeks for and EQ cycle is pointless. it barely starts kicking at around 10 weeks and then you stop it. makes no sense please post your complete stats
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    post up your complete stats please
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    Tbol and cardio

    i never had any bad affects from TBOL against cardio i was swimming every day and working out every night i felt fine, if not better than normal youve only been on it 5 days. it takes longer then that to really see the effects
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    brother, this is not a smart idea steroids wont magically make you leaner. you need to diet and train to get leaner running orals without test is not smart running two orals at once is not smart running a cycle for 4 weeks is too short you are not ready for steroids you should focus on your...
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    about to start my cycle

    i can already tell 600mg is way too much. especially with dbol. then taking trash Adex, have fun with gyno. this cycle is garbage post your full stats
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    Cycle Advice

    3 week cycle of peptides?? now youre taking DBOL and starting ijnections?? bro, what in the heck are you even doing. come on man this is all over the place
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    Cycle Question

    yeah bro, becoming an IFBB pro is extremely hard. on top of that, you wont be popular and make money just because youre a Pro. you need a full time job to support your bodybuilding endeavors.
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    Test + EQ + Winny

    bro there are so many things wrong with this first of all, youre only 21. too young and youre only 162 at 5'9". that is SMALL. you need to eat more and lift heavier 2ML doesnt tell us anything. we dont know the dosage. but from the sound of it, 2ML is going to be too much anyways. anabolic...
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    sustanon and winstrol

    i would get that bodyfat down a little more before using TEST and for your first cycle i woudnt use SUST and WINSTROL. just a simple Test Cyp cycle is fine for your first.
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    yeah this is impossible to answer the Vaguest thing i have ever seen
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    regarding roids!

    bro we need your full stats before we give advice but you are 20% bodyfat trying to get ready for a comp? that tells me you are WAY off base right there. 20% is high bro, and you need to lower that bodyfat before you even think about trying steroids.
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    Regarding test and deca

    hold on a minute brother you did a test E cycle for 5 weeks? thats way too short what was your PCT? list it out please eating a healthier diet shouldnt cause joint pain bro. that could be caused from alot of things. improper lifting form using too much weight not getting enough rest are you...
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    Cutting Cycle - What do you think?

    bro i dont give a flying rat piss what the reviews said, that cycle is GARBAGE bro. its all orals. its retarded to run that cycle. and it has CLEN and ANAVAR. which are both bad choices. there is no 100% safe agem but 25ish is the rule of thumb because not only does it allow you time to mature...
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    Muscle Preservation on a CUT?

    the only possible thing i can think of is some type of puberty gyno and acne. if hes young he can get really hormonal i got gyno when i was young 20s, naturally but then again we dont know what else he is taking. sometimes they lace supplements with prohormones. protein powder can be notorious...