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    Any Educated Guess on these orals

    Great idea! Think I'll do that!
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    Any Educated Guess on these orals

    I mean, I was hoping for Molly's....I was going to have some fun workouts!!!! LOL
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    Any Educated Guess on these orals

    I bet he doesn' that she has pictures of him in fishnet stockings and a red thong!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!
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    Any Educated Guess on these orals

    So one of my good friends ended up kicking this guy out of her house. He left this behind. Fortunately for me I get the vials, but I don't have a clue what the orals might be. I'll probably end up trashing them, but was just curious if anyone had an educated guess as to what they are. Thanks!
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    Timing with Orals

    Just curious what peoples consensus is on when to take orals. This is my first time using them and was wondering when is the best time to take them. Pre-workout, in the morning, at night post workout? Or just consistently the same time everyday? I have researched the half life of Anadrol and...
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    Simbute?????....something...Axio maybe??

    Thanks!! IWGF gave me the details!
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    Simbute?????....something...Axio maybe??

    Who is it that sales the simbutrex or something like that. I can't remember the name of it, but it's the fat burning supplement. Axio labs maybe???
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    1st test injection

    I can relate to the OP. First time I injected for my TRT, I was rocking and rolling that day. I guess I was so depleted of test that it was a shock to my system. It absolutely wasn't mental! I felt like I could've gnawed through an oak tree that day! Co workers were asking WTF I was on...
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    Waitress HGH Empire in Australia: A new article by Dylan Gemelli

    I just think she needs to be bent over my knee for a good spanking. Then we can do the first thing that pops up!!! LOL
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    Bulking cycle

    I bet he's been gyming for at least 3 months! SMH
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    3rd Cycle Critique

    You're right. That's the plan. Just typed it in there wrong. Thanks!
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    Blood Work Order the female panel. Someone had a coupon code to. Don't remember what it was though.
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    3rd Cycle Critique

    Thanks brothers!!
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    3rd Cycle Critique

    What's up ISARMS family?!? Been awhile since I posted. So it's been almost a year since my last cycle (test, eq, and winny). Due to job change and relocating, I had to cut it short right when it was getting really good (didn't even get into the winny). Since I'm settled back in to my normal...
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    CVS vs Pharma Lady Test Cyp Bloodwork

    Hikma Farmaceutica....some company in Portugal. WTF?? I had to argue with them to get a 10 ml vial because they were having trouble with their test falling out of suspension. They wanted to give me ten ampules for double the price. Fuck off CVS!! LOL