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    Sampson Supplies

    Is he still around? I remember seeing him on this board a while back but haven’t heard anything about him for awhile. Still gtg?
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    He said he already picked up the test and tren so he's probably gonna use it regardless if people tell him not to since he already has it on hand.. so to avoid fucking yourself up you might as well do it right. You could keep it simple at 250mg test a week and 50mg tren ace ed. Or if you have...
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    Domestic orals?

    If i remember from his price list Robo has some orals but it's pretty limited. I know you asked for domestic but honestly, pharmalady might as well be domestic as her packages are bullet proof and get here in 3-4 days int'l.
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    Robolics Tren Ace touchdown

    350 for 2 weeks 700mg 1 week. You can't possibly tell me that you know 100% that each and every batch is 100% pure and dosed as stated. It's an UNDERGROUND lab. Not sure what's up with the hostility but my first vial was extremely fucked up and I contacted Hipo and he gave me another one. I even...
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    Robolics Tren Ace touchdown

    Yeah, my previous post has my cycle laid out. I'm currently on 100mg prop ed with winny 50mg ed t3 50mcg ed aromasin 12.5mg eod, caber on hand, and now 50mg tren ace ed. I'm not the type of person to go complain and get money back. It's a risk we all have to take with ugl, so i just move on and...
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    Robolics Tren Ace touchdown

    Hey guys, just got my tren ace from Robo in today. Not much comms between us but ordering process was super easy and got here in only a few days. I was on Hipo's tren 50mg ed and didn't feel anything so I upped it to 100mg ed and still felt nothing. As a first time user, there's no way I...
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    Platinum Biotech vs Global Anabolics Pharma Lady

    I used platinum deca and test e both super smooth no pip but i also didnt get any results from them until i switched to Global. I've used global and thiager and they are both awesome but platinum ehhh.
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    Hipocampus and Pharmacom gear pics and ordering experience

    Hey guys, here's a pic of Pharmacom's test e 300 and hipo's tren ace 100. Pharmacom is amazing and probably the best in my eyes as everything I've used from them is always on point. TA was 5 days after he shipped it. As for Hipo, this is the first time I've used him and the ordering experience...
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    Do any sources here carry ambien or any other sleeping meds?

    I have terrible sleeping problems and my doc is a cunt and won't help me out. Just tells me to go buy melatonin as if I haven't already tried.. Anyway, does anyone have a source they could pm me? I can get stuff on the deep web but i really don't wanna be fucking around in there. Thanks
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    Pharma Lady testo cyp, deca, and dbol

    Just wanted to report another smooth transaction with PL. Got my package in 3 days which always amazes me. I'm currently starting week 2 of her Platinum Biotech test cyp and deca. It's actually insane because I've gotten NO pip whatsoever which is fucking awesome... lets just hope its not...
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    How to prevent acne during/after PCT?

    Hey guys, I NEVER get ANY acne during cycle.. we're talking crystal clear.. but by about the second week of pct (clomid/nolva) I'm covered in acne all over my face, chest, back, shoulders... I am aware this is due to hormone fluctuations, but is there any way to prevent this? I'm currently on...
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    6 Week Post PCT Blood Work w/ PL's GA

    Just got my blood work back 6 weeks after pct and everything looks excellent. This was my first cycle: Test E (Thiagar Pharma) 500mg/wk Global Anabolics Turinabol 40mg 3 weeks kickstart (this was a part of the sample she gave me so it wasn't enough for a full 6 weeks but it was def gtg)...
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    Pin Size for Delts

    Hey Dylan can you do a video that has diagrams of the best spots to inject? Quad injections in particular always have me crippled for days.
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    Steroidify Main Thread

    I used Darius's anavar a few months ago and had excellent results with it at only 40mg a day.. def legit stuff and properly dosed.
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    I'm reversing out of my cardio, however right now I still have 3 hiit sessions a week. I find that hiit is the most effective form of cardio during a fat loss phase in preserving muscle as well as its fat burning properties. During a gaining phase, I'll keep at least 1 day of hiit in during the...