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    Please Help! TEST E + ANAVAR ( what PCT + AI?! )

    Check out the Perfect PCT protocol. It’s detailed numerous times on this board.
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    Please Help! TEST E + ANAVAR ( what PCT + AI?! )

    You need to be getting blood work done pre/mid/post cycle. Anavar needs to be dosed every day rather than twice a week and you shouldn’t really run it longer than 6 weeks. What on cycle organ support are you running? 9 weeks of Test isn’t really long enough, you should probably go 12 weeks...
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    Cutting cycle layout. Your thoughts?

    You’re not on TRT at 200mg a week.
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    New Member Intro

    How’d you get on with the cycle Neil?
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    New Member Intro

    Welcome fella. [emoji1303]
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    Little Rock Cop Assaults Wife After Confronted About His Steroid Use

    Steroid use!? That dude needs to get his fat arse on the treadmill.
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    help with blood work mid cycle test-eq-deca

    How’s your LH and FSH looking?
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    Using a testosterone supplement is only going to further suppress you in the long term. It will bring your levels back up while on cycle but once you stop using it then you’ll have bigger problems. Androgel is meant for TRT.
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    First Test Pin Cycle

    Just wanted to say that the original post is great! Gives stats, goals, lifestyle situation and is very well written. Good luck with the cycle. [emoji1305]
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    Anavar + Sarm

    Totally, fair point.
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    Anavar + Sarm

    To me a recomp is losing body fat while MAINTAINING muscle mass in order to give the appearance of a more athletic, leaner physique.
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    Anavar + Sarm

    Cutting and adding size are two completely different goals. I’d work on getting down to around 81kg through a calorie deficit plus increased cardio before thinking about any PEDs.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Love this. [emoji1303]
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    Taper cycle ? Yes or no

    No one is on here is going to advise a 22yr old regarding testosterone use.