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    SarmsForSale Log!

    not bad bro, good to see the gains
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    Steroidify - Free Merch!

    nice offer, will be sure to use this for my brother
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    New cycle

    just make sure your ready for the tren journey bro
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    Any reviews on

    never heard of them personally
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    Hamstrings training is better with the leg curl than with the deadlift?!?!

    Leg curl is the one that hits it the best for me. I have extremely tight hamstrings though.
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    Yeah that's it. Don't do a full dirty bulk if you dont want love handles :p
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    Looking for a good clomid source !

    Good choice dude. :)
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    HUGE NOVEMBER SALE! UP TO 10%-30% off entire orders! It's up to you!

    I will send this to a discord chat.
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    Steroidify - Best Vitamins for Skin Health

    Thank you bro, my skin has been feeling flaky lately, gonna use this info.
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    Hey you, yes you..You delicate fucking cunt, we need to talk..

    Someone i know is interested in tren, gonna mention you.
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    Different PCT advice vs Dylan's

    I'm amazed of Dylan's and a couple other member's knowledge, god damn.
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    Did Andarine (S4) Make Me Blind?: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Legit never heard of that side effect before.
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    Acne on cycle

    That's right.
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    Blood work

    Cool website, never seen it before.
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    Abdominal pain and bloodwork

    Get off everything and cleanse your body before hopping back on.
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