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    How to use RAD140: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Good video Dylan, straight to the point. I've been off sarms for quite a while - what about PCT for a RAD140 cycle?
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    Androgen receptor density Questions.

    L carnitine is alleged to increase androgen receptor density but I've never came across any real world proof.
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    Low testosterone 36 yr old male

    That's a very high TRT dose bro, you will need regular bloodwork whatever amount you run. I'm not on TRT myself but I would have thought that test cyp was a better bet than Sustanon.
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    testosterone enanthate

    This is complete madness and you should stop right now and get a full blood panel. How old are you anyway?
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    Sarms and pre-workout

    I would still take a pre-workout but then again I'm addicted to them anyway lol.
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    DHT orals and hair loss

    I cunningly went bald before trying any orals.
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    test e dosage

    Plenty of people have made great gains on 250mg a week so why don't you try 125mg twice a week and forget this every five day nonsense.
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    We have a new IWGF Rep! Welcome Cbbram!

    Congratulations bro, good luck. I'm sure you won't need it though!
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    Small testicles

    What steroids were you on for 6 months exactly, names and amounts.
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    First cycle on SARMS - how does it look?

    That's what we call it in the UK too - unless you're very posh, when you'd probably say something like 'coke-ah cole-ah'!
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    Belle The New Kid Cycle Log

    Trust the mirror not the meter.
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    Bloodwork - Advice needed - PCT

    I think you need to just follow the advice and stop arguing bro.
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    Bloodwork - Advice needed - PCT

    I wouldn't stop at 2 weeks of PCT if I were you, I'd stick to 4 weeks PCT then wait another 4 weeks before I ran any anything else.
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    Npp prop and headaches

    You may have aggravated the blood vessels at the back of your head, if so it can take a while for your body to adjust back to normal but in the meantime it won't take much to set the throbbing off again even if your bp is reducing.