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    Maintaining testical size on TRT

    Your balls get smaller on TRT. Do you really care? For every action there is a reaction. I stopped worrying about that a long time ago. You will be far better off with a healthy testosterone level than with large balls.
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    did dbol kill my liver?

    I would get another blood test. Oral AAS may not be the cause. I took several months off from lifting and decided to get back at it. I hit the gym hard for a couple weeks and went in for a blood test. My liver enzymes were off the charts. Naturally I was very concerned. I was not on anything at...
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    Deca advise

    The fact you are asking this question indicates you are new to AAS. Post up your stats and history of compounds used. It makes a big difference. Nobody here wants to misguide you or see you make mistakes that can be avoided.
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    DGA Organ St

    Run it the entire time you are on cycle and through PCT. It really is a great product and does so much to assist you in keeping a healthy body, even if you're not using PED's. Check out the videos on it and give it a try for yourself.
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    Best Supplements for Pumped and Full Look

    This is the combination that never fails for me. I love everything about it's effects.
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    Happy Mothers's Day

    Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! Enjoy your special day.
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    Caber score

    Clear Sky pharmacy. Good to go.
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    Just won my first BB competition!

    You look great bro! Nice work.
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    Testing the waters

    That's the test I get. Make sure to add the prolactin to it. A far as checking all of your health that should be left to a Doctor. You would have so many bases to cover...
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    Female Triple Stack Question

    LOL....Priceless Rick! On a serious note, thanks guys. The last thing I would want to happen is for her to experience unnecessary sides.
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    Female Triple Stack Question

    Thanks Dylan. What are the problems females experience with the MK? I will have here ease into it for sure.
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    Female Triple Stack Question

    My wife is about to start her triple stack. She has ran this stack in the past with great results. Is it necessary for her to dose the MK2866 at 12.5mg for the first two weeks or can she go straight into 25mg since she has used this compound before without any problems? Thanks
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    Test E vs Test Cyp

    EQ is amazing. Long ester, long cycle... yes. Steady lean dry gains that you can keep... yes. Minimal sides... yes. It's a winner in my opinion. You feel great and strength steadily increases. The scale didn't move much. The image in the mirror improved the entire time. What more could you ask for?
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    Question about red blood cell count

    I appreciate the responses guys. I would never ignore this. I would like to keep the advantage of a slighter higher count while on cycle only. I was just wondering how high is too high. Guess I will just donate to keep it in the normal range and keep it simple. I just feel really good right now...
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    Question about red blood cell count

    First off I know the importance of donating blood and that donating will bring the count down. Is it not beneficial to have a slightly elevated RBC count while on? Reference range is 4.14-5.80. Blood pressure is good and the rest of the blood panel is in range (besides test) which is elevated...