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    Sarms info

    Hi Dylan Seen a lot of your content on YouTube recently, your doing a great job man, really is great content and helped me a lot. I’ve been weight training around 4/5 years now and have decided to try sarms for the first time. I have used testosterone in the past, but this was very early on...
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    Sarm and pct guidance

    Thanks for your reply dylan...... i made some great gains off my test and anavar cycle, was around 10% bf maybe lower at 180 lbs, best i have ever looked. Went on holiday straight after the cycle and put around 5/6 lbs on but still looking ok, still have 6 pack etc. I go on my honeymoon at...
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    Sarm and pct guidance

    Hi dylan Really love your youtube channel, helped educate me a lot. Just wondering if you can give me some guidance. I came off a 14 week test e and anavar for the last 6 weeks cycle 2 weeks ago. Started my pct yesterday. I am running nolvadex at 40/40/20/20, i have run clomid on a past...