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    A message from BigBusiness & MissBizz

    Thank you everyone. I've passed all of these comments on to bigb. Hopefully everything turns out OK and we can be back in no time. I will still be reading and I'm sure bigb will read. Keep us entertained! Lol. Right now we are trying to stay and think positive. We love you all thanks for...
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    A message from BigBusiness & MissBizz

    Hello ISarms Family!!! We Just wanted to give our thanks to everyone here who has been here for both of us. We have truly enjoyed our past two years here. We have some family issues that we need to address so we will be taking time away from the board. Those who know how to contact us feel...
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    Attention Transformation Contestants

    *****Announcement****** The winners of the transformation contest are as followed: 1) Svanimost 2.) Carmel Cowboy 3.) Ironlifter Most detailed log: Carmel Cowboy Everyone who participated did a fantastic job! Thanks to all who did participate and followed along! For the winnners...
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    SDBronco Transformation Log

    Finally!!! Lol just kiddin....great work sd, you have leaned out and added nice size!!!!.
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    new member

    Welcome aboard! You will like the stack rick laid out for you...definitely add the triplex, your lady will thank me later haha great to have you!
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    Triple X dosing??

    You don't know this one?? Haha let me help 1ml 30-45 min preworkout (gym or sex)
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    Finally put my order through!

    I am also looking forward to your results...I seen your pic in flex Friday great work so far and glad to have you on board!
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    SR9009 dosing for women

    U can actually go 10mg 4 times a day.
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    SDBronco Transformation Log

    ^^^ what he said😊😊^^^^
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    SDBronco Transformation Log

    Dude where have you been? Haha no everyone had posted a pic up we are just waiting for you! Lol. I'm ready to see them pics!
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    Mental Protein Bar and a dash of Thank You from The 44

    Hahaha....bigb stays pretty hard too bahasa 😅😅😅
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    Mental Protein Bar and a dash of Thank You from The 44

    Until.i got to the bottom I thought you were turning soft...haha..we love you too 44!!
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    Triple stack log: S4, MK-2866 & GW

    Great update! I've had great success this cycle with rad gw and sr!!! Awesome job!
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    Pharmacom/big business

    Nice review! Bigb is the shit if I may say so myself lol love that man!
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    Beastmode First Ultra Recomp Cycle Log

    Wow in 2 weekes, your shoulder area is popping, and your belly is leaning down. Nice work so far!