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    Maria Sharapova

    I was surprised to read about this drug today too.
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    Where to get EPO? Alternatives?

    I agree with the guys here why take a chance with EPO when Cardarine is around and much safer.
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    New ownership

    Welcome Dylan good quality bro it will be nice to work with you.
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    Suggestions on bulking cycle for over weight guy

    Bro doing steroids while having really high bodyfat is a terrible idea and you should never do it. Just use some gw-501516 and ostarine and diet program and drop the fat first with a light sarms cycle, you can use steroid later on once you are at a proper bodyfat level of about 12% bodyfat...
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    synthetek products

    I am not a fan of synthetek at all, their products are not the best and their representatives are kinda mean bros that say awful things to people on the forums. On that basis alone I would not shop there period. No other comments on synthetek industries bro.
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    High E2 levels

    Arimistane 50mg per day and tapper off slowly after 60 days of treatment, that is a much better way in my opinion as letro is for extreme cases, for you it may become worse and you may experience a rebound.
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    isarms for six pack and tips

    To see your six-pack abs bro you have to get below 9% bodyfat, it is right around this BF% level that abs begin to look out and the amount of ab work you have done is also a crucial determining factor in just how nice your abs will really look.
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    MK taste like rubbing alcohol?

    Yes it is the carrier used to keep the molecular structure stable for shelf life. Nothing to worry about.
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    Deca for joint problems - dosages? Alternatives?

    Forget about Nandrolone for this problem. You need to get on a stack of Ostarine and Mk-677 for about 3 months straight and that will surely help a lot . Forget about deca for joint repair it is not nearly as effective as Ostarine or mk-677.
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    Splitting steroids help

    You have two choices and neither is wrong: Bro just treat them as two different schedules, do the testosterone enanthate injections once per week and do the trenbolone acetate every other day. Do not worry when they watch and when they dont. You can also just break down your testosterone...
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    Letro for gyno - any good?

    Letrozole is the absolute strongest anti-estrogen on the market, do not use unless you have exhausted all other options. Start off with arimistane at 50mg per day without any other compounds and see how it develops.
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    Are tren and test enanthate equally fast?

    Yes the esters release at the same rate no matter the steroid, however something like testosterone works right away while trenbolone takes about 2 weeks to feel the full effects even if they are the same esters your receptor affinity is different for each hormone.
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    High estrogen before cycle

    If you have normal testosterone levels and you want to start into performance enhancing drugs your best bet would be to try out a sarms stack or something along those lines. We need to make sure your SARMs stack is also supported by a plan of cycle support products to keep your estrogen low as...
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    New Here from California

    Welcome to iSARMS Bro!
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    Clearing up acne from steroids

    You need to tan twice per week and hit the pool once per week too, that practice works well.