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    What’s up bros I’m going in vaca to the Bahamas in a month. Being that it takes me a while to get any kind of tan I usually pick up a couple of Melanotan 2 bottles for the summer. Can anyone help a fellow meat head out and point me in the right direction ;)
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    Difficulty pooping, deca question

    The protein shakes could be binding you up. Jumbo Palumbos fiberlyze supplement works wonders whenever I’m backed up
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    Best fat burners

    I would go with the Pharma grade hot pepper flakes. Works wonders
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    Puffy nipple help ?

    Yeah bro don’t make the mistake of not using caber. Your estro will go down with the adex and letro but w.o caber you’ll be lactating like a preggo woman haha
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    sarms and ped testing

    If you haven’t been tested yet I wouldn’t start taking it. I played D1 baseball at Umass for 4 years and at that time Sarms weren’t tested yet back in 09’ when I started playing but now the NCAA has stepped up their PED panel and I know this because my younger brother who plays D1 lacrosse has...
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    Melanotan 2

    Bro if you start with 1mg a day you’ll get nautious and feel shitty Just start with a low dose like .25mg a day for a few days and then increase it slowly. Ive always used it right before bed so that even if I end up feeling shitty at least I’m sleeping.
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    My prep with IWGF ,Axio and Peak Performance

    Looking solid biglex keep up the good work bro. What’s your stage weight goal
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    Methandriol Dipropionate questions

    Don’t even waste your money IZ. About 4-5 years ago I was on 300 mg of T-cyp and threw a 100mg of Methandriol dipropionate (a buddy gave me a bottle for free) in the mix every 3rd day and all it did was give my gyno quicker than I shit after eating Mexican food lol.
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    All Lucky to be here!

    I agree bro this forum is a great from the sources, to the reps, and the members. I’ve been apart of many forums and most of the members just jump on Anyone new and either act like a douche or put them down but not here. . We reallly do have a lot of guys with a ton of knowledge who helps us out...
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    IWGF as solid as they come

    That’s awesome bigsteve that just goes to show you the type of guy IWGF is. I’m def gonna order from him soon
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    Is Jeff Seid a Natty?

    Maxxpursuit I couldn’t of said it better bro. If he is on gear who cares, That’s his business. Guys who are on gear only claim natty to sell their own supplement lines etc and bc Americans frown upon P.E.D’s. Look at Barry Bonds the fckin guy had 9 seasons with 30+ home runs and if he retired...
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    IWGF & 9th wonder TD

    That axio line looks awesome
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    Pharma Lady TD

    Pharma Lady came through again. It’s nice to get a package full of goodies especially since I forgot about it And thanks cbbram I appreciate the help with everything bro
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    No I didn’t bro. It sucks because I’ve been dealing with Titan for a while now but shit happens. For him not to answer means something happened. I’m about to hit up robo or 9th
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    I reached out to cmb asking about my order that I placed earlier December and Titan got back to me saying that a few shipping labels got messed up but haven’t heard anything since then and that was last week. So hopefully he’s just a little backed up with orders