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    He went in and had blood work done by a doctor. His test came back at 216, he said thats still considered "normal" range.
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    What is the protocol for TRT? What are some of you guys running? I would like to know so I can educate my father appropriately.
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    Pharma Lady Review

    Ill jump in this thread too. Want to give a positive review to Pharmalady and both reps on this forum. Currently doing a sarm stack of lgd, rad, and s4. All products are legit and good to go. Reps were solid in helping out in the beginning.
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    Im about to start my first stack incorporating S4. Went through Dylans post already about dosing. Anyone else got any advice or comments?
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    Considering SARMS for the first time.

    I agree with Dylan. Running a 6 week cycle is a waste of time, you need a 12 week cycle
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    Thoughts on second sarm cycle

    I did not log it. Will tell you the sarms was the only variable in the 4-5 month time period of having it. Diet was pretty much the same, supplements (protein, vitamins, bcaa's etc) were the same. If anything I trained harder on the sarms stack than before it. It did take about 8 weeks before...
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    Thoughts on second sarm cycle

    No I have not. Very interested in that stack though. Everything I have read says its very good for building muscle. Just finished Lgd, rad, and mk2866. It was great for what was needed at that particular time. Absolutely nothing against mk, last stack I believe is healed my tennis elbow which I...
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    Thoughts on second sarm cycle

    Personally, I would substitute rad for mk.
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    Good News... ALL VIDEOS WILL BE RETURNING... Read to find out...

    Good to hear. Cant wait to check out the new site
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    First time aas or another sarm cycle

    Whats the major differences between Test C, P, and E? Half Life? Anything else?
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    Was plagued bad in my teenage years with it on my face. The last year or so its been on my shoulders and back as well. Ive noticed salityc acid 2% works pretty good. Tanning, water intake, dairy products, all play factors. Paul Mitchell makes a tea tree bar soap, that with a back scrubber gets...
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    First time aas or another sarm cycle

    I have to ask why is it hard to go back? Body doesn't respond the same to sarms after you introduce aas? Because the results from aas are so much better?
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    First time aas or another sarm cycle

    I 100% agree with is being a marathon not a sprint. Hence why Im thinking about it carefully and am not taking the decision lightly. I actually bought test E when I was 25 and didn't use it because at the end of the day I knew I wasn't ready physically or mentally. If running a test cycle with...
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    First time aas or another sarm cycle

    Stats: 31 year old 6' 2" 202 lbs 14-15% body fat Training from 18-27 on and off, 28-31 consistently every week Sarm cycles: I started sarms with two cycles of just mk-2866 to get my feet wet and see how my body would react. Then moved to cycle of lgd-4033, GW-501516, and mk-2866. Currently...
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    Interested in giving Cardarine a try

    Please tell us a little about yourself.