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    500mg each week of Testosterone enanthate

    I believe he is going off of a foot bio impedance scale as he mentioned early on so more than likely the numbers are not accurate. Either way, going back to my previous post - foundation is everything. Similar principals of growth apply as if you were not on gear. Gear only enhances whats...
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    500mg each week of Testosterone enanthate

    Age, bf%? How long have you been training? Too many times people will jump the gun and begin gear when they don’t fully understand how to grow and manipulate their bodies. Thats usually when questions like this pop up because a lot think that gear is some special thing that will fill in the...
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    500mg each week of Testosterone enanthate

    First cycle? 500mg is a bit higher than necessary first time around. Nutrition is absolute key. If you don’t have that down then there’s not much that can help you. What are your stats?
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    CYCLE help

    Assuming you’re a female, those compounds are definitely not the ones for you.
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    You need to keep researching man. This board has been here for a while and has covered the topic of orals time and time again. Keep research and learning.
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    Just a notice: new Tool album

    Hell ya man. Great album. After 13 years, they didn’t disappoint.
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    Questions about equipoise and other compunds for my goals

    EQ is a compound that I really enjoy. For the first time, I’d say anywhere between 600-800mg is solid. You can pin it twice a week.
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    2018 Prep

    Must be surreal brother. Getting something after years working your ass off for it. Big congrats man.
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    Broke my right clavicle (collar bone)

    Damn that sucks man. Wishing you a smooth recovery. Could have been way worse as you know (Head injury, etc). You’ll be back at it soon enough bud.
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    19NOR acne ever go away?

    Its effects everyone differently. Acne is not permanent. If you’re unfortunately more prone to acne sides more so than others, then it’s even more important that you stay on top of it. Continue practicing clean hygiene, showering, washing, etc. Tanning also helps a lot. Also, stay on top of...
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    Robolics summer shredding

    Nice. Enjoy it bud. Take advantage of the break and kill it.
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    Response to Anabolics

    Bingo. Many factors play a significant role.
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    2018 Prep

    Looking awesome bud. Glad to see you around.
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    Crashed NPP

    Its going to be different based on how crashed it is. Best thing to do is place the vial in hot/boiled water for a minute or so then gently swirl the vial and reassess. Repeat as necessary.
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    Side effects

    Where did you get that nutrition regiment? Dropping all carbs, veges, etc and eating that low of cals is not a great approach. Many people don’t understand that you have to actually eat in order to lose fat.