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    Tren Cycle question

    Pretty basic. 100mg of tren ace eod isn’t extreme. I’d start there with test around the same dose. If you’re get is cyp I’d increase that dosage to around 300 two weeks prior to starting the tren. Good luck man. I’ve run tren a lot of different ways and my experience with tren is it got worse...
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    Second cycle

    I mean I think it makes perfect sense. If you’re taking clomid (which is an estrogen designed to make your body “naturally” produce more testosterone) and then take it away, your body no longer sees the influx in estrogen that causes its system to signal for more testosterone to balance. A drop...
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    Test e 150 Tren e 100 and EQ 150 blend

    It’s also a very strange blend because of the ester difference. Eq is an extremely long eater. Wouldn’t make sense to blend it with two enanthates. If it was bold cyp it would make far more sense. Stay away from blends in my opinion. Firstly, who knows what’s actually in there. I’ve seen blends...
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    Injections leaking past couple times

    Also I’ve found that in areas that have been used repeatedly that scar tissue will prevent oil from being readily absorbed. If this is the case, try rotating sites. If you’ve tried the suggestions mentioned by the other guys with no avail, try pinning a new site and see how that works
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    Cutting Cycle advice

    My thoughts exactly. Going into a cut at the current state I’d utilize just a stricter diet and cardio regimen to lose some body fat and then bulk after. That’s just me though. I like to see people utilize the naturally anabolic state during the rebound of a cut to catapult a bull cycle into the...
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    Superdrol vs Anadrol or Dbol

    I actually love superdrol. It’s incredibly dry and I handle it well. Strength increases are phenomenal and I saw quite a bit of progress when adding it. But some people do not fare well with the potential side effects and it does significantly raise bp, much like anadrol
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    Protein absorption

    I find it very hard to believe that 1iu of gh is going to cause edema in your hands and feet on its own. How much water do you consume daily? My guess would be under a gallon. This is generally the issue I see people face... their water intake is less than what it should be.
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    Requested Blood Work, Doctor Wants me to come in...

    I live in nj and I drive to pa for privatemdlabs testing. I looked up houses for sale in the town I wanted testing and picked a house. Then I told them I just moved there. The lady didn’t really care about my address and now they know my face
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    Beginner Need Advice

    I’d first suggest addressing your diet which needs work. You are likely eating far too little and all the wrong stuff. If you’re interested in help in this area let me know.
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    Second bulking cycle next month

    What is your trt at and what kinda numbers do you pull on trt?
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    Testosterone only cycle

    Do true. I asked my coach when I first started if he thought I had what it took to make this a career. He laughed and told me “regardless if you turn pro or not... this shit is an expensive hobby so don’t invest more than you can lose into it” Best advice ever. Also allows me to view it not as...
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    Testosterone only cycle

    Oh just wondering. It’s never happened before so it freaked me out. Don’t censor me!!!!!! Lol
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    Newbie - Please Help!

    Yeah I mean I “burn” about 3000 calories a day just through my training and work and what my body utilizes to maintain at this point. But I would just call that my caloric usage for the day... burning, to me, implies calories worked off in addition to what my body already utiizes in maintenance
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    Testosterone only cycle

    Why did I post a reply to this thread and it said my post needed to be “approved by a moderator”?
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