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    Took a break now I'm back!

    Took a break for a little bit now I'm back at it. I was wondering which sources are valid here. I've been away for quiet some time things have changed quite a bit. Thanks for the help
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    Been gone for a few months where is my man NY?

    Thanks appreciate it
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    Been gone for a few months where is my man NY?

    Has he left this forum or has gone ghost for little or am I just an idiot
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    Pharmacom Clothing Line

    definitely want a tshirt and hoodie
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    Giant bgs sale!!!!!!!

    is the deal still going on? looking to order today
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    Favorite pre workout

    if you actually want a preworkout, try APS Mesomorph. Otherwise cialis and caffeine pills
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    Detection time for GW

    thanks for the info guys gunna probably stop 6-7 weeks before
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    Detection time for GW

    Being tested for NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse at the end of August. When should I stop so I can pass the test?
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    Shoutout to Phurious and the Team

    It was 7 EQ, 7 Test C and 7 Prop/tne
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    Shoutout to Phurious and the Team

    boom, took me a few to figure out tapatalk lol
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    Shoutout to Phurious and the Team

    That's some Test Prop/TNE, EQ and Cyp. Just plan on running simple EQ and Cyp cycle for 16-20 weeks. About 400mg of Cyp and 600 of EQ. Just gunna let those long esters do their thing. The prop was for a buddy of mine
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    Shoutout to Phurious and the Team

    Couldn't be more pleased with the team over here they put up with my annoying questions and everything was professional. Phurious is a great dude aswell and just an overall great experience. I was on a time crunch and Phurious still came through and also hooked me up. I look forward to doing...
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    Russdog's sustanon cut log

    literally most pointless thread... thought this would have been gone after yesterday's fiasco
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    Sarms cycle length...

    12 weeks is optimal and then mini pct. after all that you can hop back on
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    wintrol help

    No. stats, goals, experience?