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    Another Successful Pharma Lady Order

    Pharma Lady came through again as always. Tested the economy shipping and it didn't seem any slower at all, plus you don't have to sign, which is nice.
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    Need help with MK 677 lethargy

    Yeah, I looked up some supplements and they are pathetic. I prefer whole foods anyways. Thanks for the video, I'll be substituting some of my foods to get that 4,700 mg!
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    Need help with MK 677 lethargy

    Do you supplement with potassium? I also eat a lot of spinach, which apparently has a decent amount, but adding everything up I still don't think I'm hitting 4,700 mg.
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    Need help with MK 677 lethargy

    Interesting, thanks for your input. The bloat went away for me within a week and hasn't been an issue since, which is what happens each time I've started MK 677.
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    Need help with MK 677 lethargy

    Yeah, hydration is very important to me. I always get 1 to 1.5 gallons of water minimum per day. I generally do best on moderate or high carbs with bananas and sweet potatoes being staples in my diet. I'm going to tinker with the afternoon/evening dosing with food and report back.
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    Need help with MK 677 lethargy

    Alright, thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll keep playing with the timing. I'll update the board when/if I figure it out because this compound has too many benefits to not figure out a way to get past the lethargy.
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    Need help with MK 677 lethargy

    Hey guys, I've searched the web and this forum high and low to find a solution to my problem with no luck so far. For context, I'm in great health and I'm not diabetic or prediabetic. I'm 30 years old, typically stay around 205 lbs and 10-12% bodyfat. I eat a consistent diet of whole foods and...
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    Spotting fake nattys

    This whole "expose a fake natty" thing is one of the worst trends in the fitness industry right now. If people want to talk openly about their use, that's cool and it helps others get exposure to information they might not have. However, you can't expect EVERYONE to feel comfortable talking...
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    Pharma Lady is second to none

    Pharma Lady is the best, and she is constantly improving her service and product selection!
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    Pharma Lady Feeback

    I want to give some feedback on Pharma Lady for the community. Everything has been first class -- quality products, fast and secure/discreet shipping, and excellent customer service. Plus, her rep (cbbram) always responds quickly to messages. Best source I've ever used, hands down! (Haven't...
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    Nootropics. Noopept, or N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine

    Powder City is great, I've been a happy customer for a couple of years now. Noopept is good stuff, but none of the OTC nootropics can compare to modafinil. I would recommend a racetam/choline stack if you're looking for focus, memory retention, memory recall, and similar effects to modafinil. I...
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    What to do with a compromised pack!

    Indians used (and still use) Peyote to hallucinate and communicate with spirits. Even in large doses, Marijuana is only slightly hallucinogenic. And it doesn't have to be smoked, you can always vaporize it to minimize the negative health impact.
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    Starting cycle

    I even saw some reviews on other products of theirs (after I made that purchase) where guys said that they hadn't even received the products yet, but "knew they were going to be awesome" because of the ingredient profile. Haha! Sadly, it's very easy for people who aren't savvy to internet...
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    Starting cycle

    Just my two cents: I ran Osta Shred several months back and was not impressed. Overall, there were no significant benefits (very slight gain in density and strength) and I felt that it dried my joints out a bit. Also, it looks like most of the raving reviews on their website were from people who...
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    I placed an order with them last year. Went smoothly and the gear was solid. (Only used Geneza, if you're curious) I actually have an order with them now that I'm probably going to cancel because I want to try out one of the sponsors here. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive and despite my...